It replaces the primary and secondary timber in Sofit Support and provides a flat support grid for steel Decking & Infill beams with Plywood. It is simple, speedy and reduces the labour.

• Ledgers Transom
• Coupler Brace
• Cantilever Beam Frame
• Toe Broad Bracket
• Steel Batten
• Bridging Ledger 16’,24’
• Drop Head
• Base Jack
• Ladder

• Return Transom
• Stage Bracket
• Int. Beam Frame
• End Toe Bracket
• Batten Clamp
• Decking & Propping
• Infill Beams
• Adjustable Sigot Jack
• Ladder Access Transom

• Diagonal Brace
• Cantilever Frames
• Hop Up Bracket
• Tie Bar
• Internal Corner Filler
• Decking & Beam
• Plane Base Plate
• Stair Access

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